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See your site from a completely different perspective

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Webvisor in Yandex.Metrica

Webvisor records user actions on your site and lets you watch a video of the visit exactly as it occurred.

The Webvisor player lets you look through the eyes of your users:

  • — mouse movements;
  • — clicks;
  • — scrolling;
  • — keystrokes and completing forms;
  • — text selection and copying.

How to start:

1. Go to Yandex.Metrica
2. Tick the Webvisor box in the counter settings menu
3. Install a Metrica counter on your site
4. Replay user sessions in Webvisor

With Webvisor you can:

  • — View visitor behavior at a glance;
  • — Conduct usability analyses
  • — Discover problems in the structure and design of your site
  • — Increase the conversion rate of your site.